Running Projects

Independent projects (project company)

Company’s name
Project name / Products
Kian Petrochemical Company
The whole project includes olefin and aromatic units and related chains. The first phase consists of olefins and heavy polyethylene.
Hemmat Petrochemical Company
Urea Production Complex
Siraf Green Star Refinery Company
Siraf Green Star Refinery and Utility Complex
Aria Oil and Gas Development Company
The whole project includes olefins and aromatic units, related chains, and utility units. The first phase includes olefins, heavy polyethylene, aromatics, and utility units.
Parsian Star Petrochemical Company
Methanol value chain development plan

Intra-complex projects

Company’s name
Project name / Products
Tabriz Petrochemical Company
Polypropylene unit | Heavy polyethylene unit
Kermanshah Petrochemical Industries Company
The second phase of the Kermanshah Petrochemical Complex
Tabriz Oil Refining CompanyTabriz Oil Refining Company
Polluted water treatment project and reduction of raw water consumption (RO)
Hydrogen purification (PSA)
Sulfur recovery unit (SRP)
Exhaust gases treatment facilities (TGT)
Shiraz Oil Refining
Desulfurization of the middle distillates(DHT)
New light naphtha isomerization unit