Plan: Hemmat Petrochemical (green urea fertilizer plan)

Hemmat Petrochemical Company (Green Urea Fertilizer) is an environmental company to operate the social responsibilities of petrochemical companies. Targets of the company are the reduction of greenhouse gases and life conditions progress of Assaluyeh employees, and a response to the treaty of Paris. This company was established with the investment of two major petrochemical companies in Iran (Parsian Oil and Gas Development Group Company and Persian Gulf Holding Company). This company was founded to construct a massive unit of urea production using the collection of carbon dioxide gases (CO2) produced in the Assaluyeh zone about 800,000 tones per year and also using the produced excess ammonia in the area by estimating the investment volume of about 280 million Euros and a rate of return over 19%. The license of this project has been issued by one of the best licensors in the world (Stamicarbon Company). It is one of the most updated available licenses under the title of ULE (Ultra Low Energy), which indicates that the company consumes less energy compared to other companies.