About the Company

Zagros Petrochemical Company was established in 2000 in line with the implementation of the third economic, social and cultural country’s development plan to achieve a convenient share of global markets of the methanol. Considering the rich gas sources and the strategic location of the South Pars region, a 31-hectares land in the South Pars Special Energy Zone was acquired, and the building of the complex was constructed in Assaluyeh port to empower the company for global market competition. Furthermore, the complex has been designed so that maximum produced energy in the synthesis reactors, as well as the recycled energy in the reforming unit, can be used to supply the required energy and about 205 tons of steam per hour with a pressure of 40 bars can be produced and sold.
Contract of basic and detailed engineering and equipment purchasing was concluded with a consortium consisting of a German Lurgi company and PIDEC Company from Iran. Also, all activities related to the implementation operation of construction and installation were performed by Iranian contractors. Based on the contract with Lurgi and PIDEC companies, the first phase started in 2001 and finished in 2006 with an annual capacity of one million and six hundred and fifty thousand tons of AA grade methanol. After ending the implementation operations of the second phase in 2009, Zagros Petrochemical Company was placed among the five largest companies producing this product universally, with an annual production capacity of three million and three hundred thousand tons.