About the Company

Shiraz Petrochemical Company, the first manufacturing unit of the petrochemical industry of Iran, began its activity in 1963 to produce nitrogenous fertilizers. This company is located 45 km from Shiraz, near the Kor River, and around Marvdasht. The extent of the company is 300 hectares, of which 72 hectares are industrial areas. The altitude of the company is about 1600 meters above sea level. The company’s activity started with the operation of 4 production units of ammonia, urea, nitric acid, and ammonium nitrate, and also a utility supplier unit (water, electricity, steam, and compressed air). According to the country’s needs, numerous development plans have been performed later.
The first development plan of the company was implemented in 1973 with the operation of the Soda-Ash unit. Then, in 1976, the development process continued with the construction of STPP and DAP units. One of the premier development projects of the company was put into operation in 1985. In this project, new production units of ammonia, urea, nitric acid, and ammonium nitrate with a capacity equivalent to ten-folds of the old units with Chlor alkali, methanol, perchlorine, and argon units became operational in 1988, 1990, 1993, and 1994, respectively. The third urea and ammonia project of Shiraz Petrochemical was put into operation in 2016 by continuing the development process after removing old units from the production cycle. The 677,000 tons of ammonia and 1,073,000 tons of urea will be produced annually by exploiting this project, which will play a significant role in providing for the country’s requirements and supplying to global markets.