About the Company

Shiraz Oil Refining Company is located at 22 km of Shiraz-Isfahan road. The designed capacity of this refinery is 40,000 barrels per day, equivalent to 2 million tons per year. According to the design, the required crude oil feedstock is supplied by a 10-inch pipeline 230 km long from oil wells in the Gachsaran region. The design and construction stages of the refinery began in 1970 and were completed in 1973. This refinery was exploited in the same year.

Introduction of refining units:

  • Atmospheric distillation units, vacuum distillation units, and viscosity reduction units
  • Naphtha hydrotreating units and catalytic reforming units (gasoline production)
  • Hydrocracking units (Isomax) and hydrogenation units
  • Liquefied gas purification units, light naphtha purification units, and blending naphtha purification units
  • Amine gas treating units, sulfur recovery, and sour water treatment units
  • Bitumen and nitrogen production units
  • Industrial water, electricity, and steam production units with relevant reservoirs