Company Introduction

About Us

Parsian Oil and Gas Development Group (Public Joint Stock) was registered on July 30, 2007, with the initial name of Alvand Ghadir Development Company, as a private joint-stock company in the Tehran Companies and Non-Commercial Institutes Registration Office, and later, in February 2011, it was renamed to Parsian Oil and Gas Development Group (Private Joint Stock) Company. Also, the company’s name was changed to Parsian Oil and Gas Development Group (Public Joint Stock), on 07/12/2011, for the development of its activities. The company’s shares were listed on the Tehran Stock Exchange on 02/15 /2012, after acceptance of this company by the Tehran Stock Exchange. Currently, the registered capital of this company exceeds 15,000 billion rials, and the legal technicalities are in progress to increase the fund up to 30,000 billion rials.

Field of Activity

Currently, with the ever-increasing development of this group, the field of its activities has also expanded so that the group of companies under its coverage involves a wide range of primary, intermediate, and final products in the petrochemicals and refineries field. Presently, the monopoly of the annual production of 3,845,000 tons of urea, 2,480,000 tons of ammonia, and 3,380,000 tons of methanol in the petrochemical field, and more than 9,462,000 tons of the various refinery products is at this disposal of this group. Today, Parsian Oil and Gas Development Group has expanded its activities in the fields of energy, construction, oil industry engineering, rail transportation, and also refined petroleum products trading, as well as the production of significant and strategic petrochemical and petroleum products.Therefore, the company’s principal goal is to manage the complete cycle of the generation in these fields from the beginning to the end.

Honors and Awards

The attainment of the fifth rank of sales in the country in 2020 at the conference of industrial companies

The first petro-refining holding company in the country

The first exporter of urea

Management of 22% of the country's crude oil

Management of 22% of the country's crude oil processing capacity

Parsian Oil and Gas Development Group has gained a unique position in the oil and petrochemical industry of the country by possessing the controlling shares of some of the largest petrochemical and refining companies in the country. The company has earned the title of the eighty-third major petrochemical company in the world and also as the fifth top petrochemical company in the Middle East and Africa, which is a seal of approval for this claim. Also, this holding has been able to achieve constructive and efficient interaction with the governmental and executive columns of these industries, including investors and related governmental and non-governmental agencies. Therefore, it also plays a significant role in the policy setting and macro-decisions in these areas and drawing the visions. In addition, the presence of this group in the country’s capital market has increased its transparency and credibility.