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Ensuring food security, which is one of the targets of human societies across all periods and one of the most significant pillars of individual rights and human and community safety, is considered a fundamental challenge. Achieving sustainable nutrition systems has drawn attention as one of the principal columns of establishing sustainable development and ensuring the food security of the present and future generations. On the one hand, the increasing human population and consequently the need for more food, and on the other hand, decreasing the areas of the arable soil and their fertility have led human societies to use chemical fertilizers. Pardis Petrochemical Company is the biggest producer of ammonia and urea in the Middle East. This company is one of the largest producers of these products at the world level with more than 5 million tons production of products per a year, which has taken high and impressive steps to produce enough food for people of the world.
The high volume of production and superior technology, compliance with environmental standards, ease of access to the natural gas feed and maritime transportation lines, storage facilities, and a special loading dock for urea export are some of the advantages and properties of this complex. These features draw a bright future for this company’s position in the global markets.

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