Sunday Jun 16, 2019

توسعه حمل و نقل پارسیان

possessing more than 110 freight wagons - was established in 2005 with the objective of developing Iran’s transportation systems relating to oil and petrochemical products. Major factors considered for the establishment of this company include: the timely supply of fuel to the country’s power plants through a reliable railway network and to reduce the production cost of oil and petrochemical products, as well as optimizing the capacity utilization of the country’s rail transportation system relating to the oil, gas and petrochemical industries. The completion of distribution and transportation chains relating to the above industries and facilitating transportation of petrochemical products to deep-sea waters / ports for exports are some of the outstanding features of this company that highlight its competitive advantages. The scope and range of Niroo Rail Transportation Co. activities are summarized below:
• Railroad transport of oil and petrochemical products as well as industrial and edible oils.
• International rail, road and sea transportations of oil, gas, and petrochemical products.
• Multifaceted transportation of fuel within the Middle Eastern and ECO countries.
• Transiting various goods within the CIS countries and Turkey.
• Conducting repair and maintenance on the railway fleet and indigenizing (localizing) the manufacture of related spare parts.

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