Wednesday Jul 28, 2021

پتروشیمی تبریز

Tabriz Petrochemical Company was established as a private joint stock company in the west of Tabriz Oil Refining Company on 7th July 1990, changed to a public joint stock entity in 1996 and was subsequently registered at Company Registration Department of Tabriz in 2008.
Tabriz oil refinery supplies a major part of the feedstock required by Tabriz petrochemical complex with the main purpose of forming and developing downstream industries for the refinery.
As Parsian Oil and Gas Development Co. (POGDC) has accessed the administrative management of Tabriz refinery's stocks in recent years, the company has also achieved its long term objective of investing in a petro-refining complex. Thereby, POGDC board management approved the purchase and transfer of Tabriz Petrochemical's shares to Tabriz Oil Refining Co., accordingly fulfilling the objective of creating a petro-refining complex.
Tabriz Petrochemical Company commands the annual production capacity of more than 815,000 polymeric and chemical products manufactured under the licensing of the most prestigious companies of the world and according to the high quality standards of these renowned licensors.
Among the main products of Tabriz petrochemical complex are different grades of Polyethylene, Polystyrene, Propylene and ABS. Also worthwhile mentioning is the fact that the company is the sole producer of polystyrene in Iran.
As already mentioned, the significance of Tabriz petrochemical complex to POGDC Group as the main shareholder of Tabriz refinery is the completion of downstream production chain and utilization of capacity synergies.


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