Wednesday Jul 28, 2021

Shiraz Oil Refining Co.


پالایشگاه شیراز

Shiraz Oil Refinery was established in 1970 on the outskirts of Zarghan province 22 km from Shiraz City. According to ongoing policies, the refinery's administrative structure was rearranged into a company set up in 1998 and subsequently named Shiraz Oil Refining Co. and registered as a public joint-stock company in 2009.
According to its articles of association, the company is entitled to engage in the commissioning and operation of industrial units and conduct activities in production, marketing, sale and export of different oil products, various chemicals and other similar products. It can also conduct activities in receiving, exchanging and purchase of refinery feedstock such as crude oil, gas condensates, natural gas and by-products of petrochemical industries from the National Iranian Oil CO. (NIOC), National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution. Co. (NIORDC) and any other domestic and foreign suppliers.
The company's nominal refining capacity is 40,000 barrels of crude oil per day and its operational capacity is 60,000 barrels of crude a day. The feedstock of the refinery is heavy crude oil from Gachsaran oil field, and condensates from Aghar and Dalan fields.
Main products of the company include gasoline, kerosene, gas oil, fuel oil, LPG, bitumen, sulfur and solvents, with total annual capacity of more than 3 million tons. Shiraz Oil Refining Company - with 3% share in the production of main oil products - has the 7th position amongst the country's nine existing refineries.
Shiraz Oil Refining Company, following up on its strategic goals, has considered quality promotion of gasoline production based on Euro 4 standard and reducing environmental effects. Therefore, in order to achieve this goal, the project for the construction of refining light naphtha and isomerization units at 6,500 barrels per day capacity was presented for execution by the company.


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