Wednesday Jul 28, 2021

پتروشیمی پردیس

With the annual production capacity of 1.36 million tons of Ammonia and 2.15 million tons of Urea, this company is the largest producer of Ammonia and Urea in Iran.

Pardis petrochemical complex is located on 64.5- ha plot of land in the South Pars Special Economic Zone in close proximity to the town of Assaluyeh, 270km south-east of Bushehr Port.
High production volume, utilizing modern technologies, meeting environmental standards, easy access to the natural gas as feedstock, the existence of marine transportation and facilities such as large-capacity storage tanks and warehouses, and an exclusive jetty used for exports; all provide this company with bright perspective as far as its international marketing activities and position is concerned.
The construction of phase 1 of this complex, with an annual production capacity of 677,000 tons of Ammonia and 1.073 million tons of Urea, began in 2001 - in line with the policies of the Oil Ministry for the development of the huge South Pars gas field - to achieve self-sufficiency in the production of Urea. This phase of the complex became operational in November 2007. Subsequently, phase 2 of the complex was commissioned in 2010.
Production capacity of both phases is currently 2.15 million tons a year of Urea. Furthermore, in order to meet the ever increasing domestic and global demand for Ammonia and Urea, Pardis Petrochemical began the implementation of it phase 3 in 2011, which is expected to be commissioned by mid 2015.
Pardis Petrochemical Co. is currently the world's fourth largest producer of Urea which, after the completion of phase 3, will become the second largest producer of Urea in the world.
The main feedstock of the complex is natural gas with current annual consumption of 1.34 billion cubic meters.
Urea is mainly used as a nitrogen fertilizer in agriculture and also consumed as raw material for other industrial purposes, such as the manufacture of Melamine.

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