Sunday Jun 16, 2019

پتروشیمی کیان


Kian Petrochemical was established in 2012 in an area of 75 ha in the 2nd phase of Special Economic Petrochemical Zone at Assaluyeh for the implementation of the country's 12th Olefin project. The scheme is in the form of an Olefin-Aromatics complex, which together with the associated downstream units will embrace a total annual capacity of 7,478 million tons of intermediate and final products. All in all, the complex is considered as the biggest centralized petrochemical complex in the world. This huge project consists of the pre-liquid feedstock separation units, Aromatics, Olefin, Ethyl Benzene, Alpha Olefin, Propylene Oxide, and Butadiene units, including the various products of Aromatics group, Xylenes and downstream Ethylene industries.
The annual feedstock consumption of the 12th Olefin is forecast at 4,555 million tons, which includes 3 million tons of gas condensates from phases 4 and 5, and 900,000 tons of Ethane from phases 13 and 14 of the South Pars Gas Field and also 315,000 tons of C3 + from the 5th and 11th Olefins, and 340,000 tons of light cuts from 4th Aromatics complex.
Parsian Oil and Gas Development Group controls 60% ownership of Kian Petrochemical Co.





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