Wednesday Jul 28, 2021

شرکت صنایع پتروشیمی کرمانشاه


This company, established in 1996, began its operations in 2008 on a 295-ha plot of land in Kermanshah Province, located in the west of Iran.
Kermanshah Petrochemical Industries Company has the installed annual production capacities of 396,000 tons of Ammonia and 660,000 tons of granular Urea, with related utility units.
One of the most important advantages of this complex is its close proximity to the growing Iraqi and Turkish Urea markets.
In addition, its exclusive utility units have, since the removal of government subsidies, placed this company in a unique position.
Kermanshah Petrochemical Industries Company is of special importance to POGDC since it provides the tools required for market control and the opportunity to swap and export its products to the neighboring countries located in the west of Iran.
The main feedstock of the complex is natural gas, supplied by the cross-country pipeline. The Ammonia and Urea units consume some 385 million cubic meters of gas annually and the utility units consume 142 million cubic meters on an annual basis.
The implementation of the second phase of this complex toward double existing capacities to 2,400 tons / day of Ammonia and 4,000 tons / day of Urea, aimed at contributing to the income of the region through increased valuation of natural gas and further generation of employment, is already on the company's agenda.

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