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                           Parsian Oil & Gas Development Company (POGDC) Ranked 57th amongst Top Global Petrochemical Companies in 2017

Thanks to an eight-level rise in the international ranking of top petrochemical companies in comparison to the previous year, Parsian Oil & Gas Development Company (POGDC) managed to achieve the title of the 57th top global petrochemical company in 2017.
According to the correspondent of the news agency of Iran’s Association of Petrochemical Industry Corporation (APIC), in this ranking which is held annually by ICIS Institute, merely the sales income of affiliated petrochemical companies is considered and the share of refining companies out of the holding company’s sales income has been excluded.
As reported by ICIS Institute, POGDC managed to achieve the highest return on sales (ROS) and return on assets (ROA) amongst top 100 petrochemical companies of the world and present a proper performance in profitability and optimum use of Company’s assets.
POGDC Holding Company ranked 83rd, 66th, 64th, and 57th globally from 2014 until 2017.
Parsian Oil & Gas is a bi-purpose holding company in the field of refining and petrochemistry (petro refining). However, the foregoing ranking is related to petrochemical companies and this ranking is only based on their sales amounting to 5.7 billion USD with a growth of 12% in comparison to the previous year. This Company, however, has also managed to be ranked amongst the top ten companies in terms of the highest growth on sales income and operating profit margin.
Considering that POGDC is a newly established Company and the capital and assets thereof have been increased from the lowest level to the present maximum one, it is regarded as a private holding company in the Iranian and global petrochemical industries.
It is worth mentioning that not only the holding company’s current assets are neither subject of assignment, nor payment of debts and/or other similar issues, but also the assets of this Company have all been aggregated pursuant to implementation of policies envisaged by Article 44 of the Constitutional Law and been mainly purchased through Stock Exchange.

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