Wednesday Jul 28, 2021



  At present, with the continuous expansion of the holding, its scope of activities is also diversifying in such a way that its subsidiary companies are being involved in a wide range of operations, including the production of raw materials, intermediates as well as final products in petrochemical and oil refining fields.

POGDC currently manages the annual production of 2,480 million tons of ammonia, 3,845 million tons of urea, 3,380 million tons of methanol, and more than 8  million tons of oil refinery products.

Currently, POGDC Holding - in addition to the production of the strategic petrochemical and oil products as mentioned above – has diversified its activities into the fields of energy, oil industry engineering and construction, rail transportation and marketing of petrochemical and oil  products in order to bring under its management the entire cycle of the industry - from production to marketing and other related activities.


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